Dear HHL Alumni Association Community,

perhaps all of you have heard about the devastating effects that the corona crisis has had on India in the past weeks. More than 5 million people have contracted with a more virulent and lethal COVID-19 variant, corpses have been burned on the streets, and infected people are still dying queued in lines in front of hospitals. In other words, “people die like flies”. While incidents are slightly going down, the next deadly epidemic is haunting India. The “Black Fungus”, a rare disease with a mortality rate of over 50%, spreads rapidly in many areas of India further increasing pressure on the already overloaded health system.

Lacking political leadership and monetary means to effectively combat the health crisis, India is far from seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The international community, including supra-national organizations, single countries, and global companies, has become involved and pledged support in various forms.

Since every single student in our Indian HHL community is personally affected by the health crisis abroad, it is our goal to send a sign of solidarity and support with our fundraising initiative.


Following consultations with the HHL Indian students, the gathered funds will be forwarded to Yellow Streets and Bucket List, two Indian-based NGOs that in normal times support child development and now provide urgent medical care as well as food security for residents of New Delhi’s low-income areas. We have communicated personally with the organizations’ CEOs and made sure that 100% of proceeds will go to impactful support measures.

We are grateful for your contributions to the following PayPal money pool:


Thank you for your support!

Axel Pohnke and Omar Ghufran on behalf of New Leipzig Talents

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