Coming up Soon... on April 17th!

We have listened to you and decided to address the elephant in the room during the coming World Pub!

Have you ever wondered how can working moms do it all?
Well, Shilpa Kataria, HHL Alumna (M10), is a mom and the Head of Controlling, Pricing and Portfolio Management APAC at Allianz Technology... and she does it all so successfully and elegantly! She must have a secret recipe and we want to know it.

Additionally, anecdotes and learnings will be shared by her fellow M10 Alumna and HHLAA board member, Fatima ElKhatib, who is a mom of 3 kids and is currently a Research Director at Hotspex inc. in Toronto (talk about deadlines!).

While this pub is centering around working moms, working dads and any other primary caregivers should most certainly feel welcome to join and share their experiences!

This event is exactly what you think it is: we are inviting HHL alumni to discuss and perhaps help create the right ecosystem to support working parents and caregivers!

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