CONGRATULATIONS are due! We cannot be more excited about Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner appointment for another five-year term as Dean of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

HHL Alumni Association and Board members are looking forward to the continuous collaboration with our Dean, who takes every step possible to spread the #HHLSpirit.

Read here the full press release.

HHLAA President and Board Members

Photo Credit: HHL Team

Reminder: Register for THE event this fall!

REGISTER NOW| Oct. 8 | HHL Spirit Festival & 30-year anniversary

30 years ago, in fall 1992, HHL was reborn. Let's celebrate the occasion with alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends!

The official 30-year ceremony will take place on Saturday, 8 October 2022, starting at 10.00 a.m. at the Jahnallee campus in Leipzig. Directly afterwards, HHL and the HHL Alumni Association are cordially inviting you to our annual HHL Spirit Festival, followed by the renowned HHLAA Homecoming dinner in the evening.

Join us all and experience the #HHLSpirit including exciting keynote speeches and challenging workshops. Get to know the latest research of our chairs and exchange ideas with our departments. Connect with the HHL community and HHL start-ups, meet old and new friends, get inspired and celebrate with us.

The festival will be extended through our Alumni Chapters around the globe providing you with local spaces for exchange and celebrations.

Click HERE to register!

REGISTER NOW | Early Celebrations: Informal drinks & bites |Oct. 7 @ 8:00 PM|

Will you make it to Leipzig by October 7? If yes, join us for Welcome back to Leipzig drinks & bites at Felix restaurant, on Augustusplatz 1 - 3.

Reservation is made for 8:00PM. Orders à la carte.

Click HERE to register!

REGISTER NOW| More Celebrations: Katerbrunch |Oct. 9 @ 11:00 AM|

Wondering where to have the perfect brunch in Leipzig after the big Homecoming party? Join us for * Katerbrunch* at , Ratskeller restaurant, on Lotterstraße 1.

Reservation is made for October 9 at 11:00 AM. The brunch will be amazing!

Click HERE to register!

Celebrate a bit more... and share a video with us!

Send your greetings to HHL from around the world!

Submit your greetings video by September 15

SeAs you all know HHL has an amazing upcoming milestone: its 30th anniversary! So, it is time to celebrate together.

HHL has initiated a series of video messages, recorded by current students, staff, business partners, professors and alumni.

Want to send your greetings and celebration message? Record a vertical 1-2 min video, answering the following:

  1. Present yourself in 2 or 3 sentences (Who am I, what I am doing, your HHL class) and describe the connection you have with the school and community.
  2. Being part of the HHL community is a #lifelongexperience along your journey. Which experiences during and after your studies shaped you the most as both a person and a professional?
  3. Which moment will you still remember vividly in 10 years when looking back on your studies at HHL?

Not sure where to upload it? Share it with Fatima:, by September 15.

Looking forward!

Photo Credit: Unsplash by Mateus Campos Felipe

September and October Vibes!
Chapters Meetups in Leipzig, Hamburg, Cologne, Bangkok and Amsterdam!

Upcoming Events: Celebrating our Alumni community all over the world

#TBT at HHL: Sun & Fun in Munich!

Great summer vibes, and amazing beer, during the get-together of HHL current students and alumni in Munich. Check out all pictures here.

Thank you Pamela Taylor and Caroline Grosch for organizing the event!

Want to know more about upcoming events in your city? Connect with your local Chapter Head, and don't forget to send us pics!


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