Can you feel the spirit?

Big news, everyone: The HHL Spirit Festival (formerly "Homecoming") is coming back this year, and we're planning it to happen live in Leipzig!

Building on last year’s momentum, HHL Spirit Festival in 2021 netted 200+ registrations for the virtual events, 100+ registrations for local chapter meet-ups happening in parallel, hosted 25+ guest speakers and lecturers, and offered a 100% joyful space to grow for the alumni community.

We know HHL Spirit Festival 2022 will be bigger. This year we are celebrating HHL’s 30th Re-founding Anniversary and we will get to see many of you in person!

Stay turned for more details in the next Bulletin!

Fatima & Pam

TEDxHHL 2022

Join in on June 10th at WERK 2 and online 2.00 pm (CEST) onwards

HHLAA is a proud supporter of TEDxHHL, amongst other amazing student initiatives.

We are excited to follow this year's event, which investigates “The Science of Vibes”.

Vibes is a new school term originating from the word “vibrations” and often used by younger generations but widely unexplored with regard to its actual meaning. The Cambridge Dictionary defines vibes as the “mood or character of a place, situation, or piece of music”, while a quick Google search will present the definition to be “a person`s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others”.

TEDxHHL 2022 aim to clarify the term even further, but more importantly, it will explore how our mind perceives these vibes around us in our everyday life and how we can use these vibes.

Brace yourself to hear from 11 powerful speakers, including 2 HHL alumni:
- Father Dr. Dr. Justinus C. Pech – Economist & Theologist
- Carmen Schwalbe - Author, Podcaster, and CEO- Mindset Unleasher

It's not too late to get your ticket, whether you'll be joining in Leipzig or online!

Alumna in Focus

Irene Klemm: Co-founder of the edtech startup, Edurino

Irene Klemm, HHL alumna and successful founder of ed-tech startup Edurino, shares her very own personal path as a successful entrepreneur in a challenging time where our world was hit by a global pandemic.

When asked where her motivation for founding an education business came from, Irene answers:
“I believe that it's always been kind of a part of me…I was very active in the educational space on a voluntary basis. It started when I was still at school, I did a lot of tutoring, then throughout university I was in different of initiatives, and then also [when I was] at BCG my [now] co-founder and I were active in the largest two education initiatives, but we never thought there was space for us to found a business in this area.”

Then came COVID: “I remember that my mother, who works in a primary school, called me and told me that the primary school teacher she is working with is now bringing all materials to all children by bike. And I was like, ‘okay, that can’t be the situation in Germany’. Then we just started in a very open approach just talking to as many people as possible to really understand the space. We realized how huge this gap in Germany is, and how far Germany is in terms of digital education. And that was also when we realized that we wanted to start very early with the children, so already at kindergarten age.”

The rest is history, or rather Edurino! Hear the whole interview with Irene Klemm here.

HHL Career and Alumni Relations

HHL People News: Martina Beermann and Sigrid Fischer

After serving HHL and the larger Leipzig student community for over a decade, Martina Beermann, has decided to retire and go freelance ("My goal (at least so far): to offer career advice from anywhere - ideally as often as possible from the south of France" #lifegoals).

Rather than trying to replace Martina (impossible!), HHL has decided to re-imagine what the role of Career Development at the university should look like in the future.

They've asked Sigrid Fischer to lead on this front, and she will now be Director Career and Alumni Relations, recognizing that HHL can better serve its current students and alumni in the future if it has "one face to the community". That way HHL is taking a more holistic approach embracing a lifelong HHL journey, which starts with becoming a student and is open ended.

Sigrid has been an invaluable partner to the HHLAA since its inception, and we are so excited for the intensified collaboration her new role will offer!

Frankfurt Chapter Summer Party with HHL and INSEAD Alumni

Join on July 10th at noon in Königstein!

The Frankfurt Chapter is happy that after two years they are able to cordially invite you and your family to the traditional summer party in Königstein"! The event will have the motto "hearty bavarian". So get out your leather pants and dirndls and join! Of course, wearing a costume is not mandatory.

In order to help us with the planning please sign up for the event. In case you have further questions please feel free to reach out either to Nicole or to Matthias, the Frankfurt Chapter Heads.

PS: Nicole and Matthias will distribute the exact address shortly before the event to the participants.

Upcoming Events


Let's throw it back to just a few weeks ago on April 6th, when Prof. Dr. Kelvin W. Willoughby gave an HHL Expert Talk on "Local Entrepreneurship, Global Innovation & Intellectual Property".

In this talk Professor Willoughby discusses the challenges faced by both companies and countries in generating local wealth from international technology business.

Here's the context: While the birth of a startup company may be local, in the city or community of its founders, almost all entrepreneurial technology ventures quickly face pressures to go global.
Technological innovation is an international phenomenon and hence, if they wish to flourish, companies (including young, small enterprises) in the business of commercializing new technology must typically compete in global markets and collaborate with partners internationally. At the same time, success in the business of commercializing technology also requires prowess in the management of intellectual property (IP). This principle applies to both large established corporations and entrepreneurial ventures. Success in appropriating value from technological innovation therefore requires companies to employ intelligent strategies for managing IP - such as patent rights - internationally, not just in the home market. An analogous situation exists for nations. The wealth of countries whose economies are wedded to international trade in knowledge-intensive goods and services depends substantially on the ability of their home-grown innovators to generate local value from their global IP assets.

Check out the full talk on on YouTube here!

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