Hey there, alumni!

Normally we save the last section of the bulletin for #TBT, but with the HHL Spirit Festival just over a month behind us, we decided to dedicate this whole bulletin to throwing it back to October 8th, HHL's #FlirtyThirty birthday bash!

Thanks to all of you who attended, whether it was in Leipzig or at your local chapter!

And of course, thank you for everyone who helped organize it, especially the HHL crew: Carmen Gebhardt, Verena Gabbe, Kerstin Fliege, Tina Mushak, Claudia Drews, Sigrid Fischer, and Stine Täubert!

Enjoy the pics, and see you in the December installment of the Alumni Bulletin!

Fatima & Pam

Note: All daytime photos are to be credited to Daniel Reiche. Pam Taylor is to be blamed for all the Gala Dinner photos ;)

"Festakt" | Formal Ceremony to Celebrate HHL's 30-year Anniversary

10.00 am –
- Opening by the Dean of HHL Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner
- Greeting by Kristian Kirpal | President of the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the Shareholders’ Meeting of HHL
- Festive speech by Minister-President of the Free State of Saxony Michael Kretschmer
- Awarding of an honorary senator to Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck (laudation by Dr. Harald Langenfeld, Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Leipzig)
- Closing speech by Lord Mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung
- Farewell greetings by Dean of HHL Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner

Champagne Reception

Academic Spirit Festival

13.00 pm –
- HHL exhibitions and interaction opportunities
- Workshops
- Networking
- Panel discussions
- Campus tour
- Book launch: Leading in the Crisis: Challenges to the Leipzig Leadership Model

Alumni Gala Dinner | HHLAA

07.00 pm –
- Dinner
- Dancing
- Cars
- Location: DaCapo Oldtimermuseum

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