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New year, new chapter! No, seriously, we have a new HHLAA chapter! And chapter heads! And a new Chancellor of HHL! So if you haven't figured it out already, this Alumni Bulletin is all about people.

The year just changed. Climate is changing. Hell, even the Corona virus changes (pls no new variants in 2022 thx). But you know one thing that doesn't change? People. When talking about your most cherished friends and family members, that's quite a comforting thought. When talking about that annoying colleague who consistently uses "AKA" incorrectly, it's less so (btw it's me. I'm that idiot who consistently uses AKA when she means "for example").

So we thought we'd use the first bulletin of 2022 to celebrate people we like, AKA HHL Alumni!


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HHL Has a New Chancellor and CFO

Congratulations, Prof. Dauth!

Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth is the new chancellor and CFO of HHL!

On January 1st he officially took office, and on Jan 13th he officially introduced himself in his new role to the HHL staff and community. Together with Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner, they lead the Executive Management at HHL. Prof. Dauth replaces Dr. Marcus Kölling, who has taken over the commercial management of the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam.

Professor Dauth has extensive experience in the field of international management and, as Academic Director, led HHL's Executive Education and the part-time MBA study program. In recent years, his research has focused on the areas of corporate management and the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies, intercultural management, German-Polish relations and top management teams.

Prof. Dauth started in 2013, so if you are an "older vintage" HHL alumni, read up on him now on HHL's website!

New Chapter Heads

Stuttgart: Sabrina Noack and André Rothe

Welcome, Sabrina Noack (MSc4) and André Rothe (P8), as the new chapter heads of Stuttgart, and thanks for your years of commitment, Kai Ehlers!

Fun facts about:
-Sabrina: Outside of her role as IT expert consultant at Hugo Boss, Sabrina enjoys spending time in nature (e.g. hiking in the mountains) and traveling. When in Stuttgart, you might find her in one of her favorite spots in the Center or West (Metzgerei, Waranga, O'Reily's, Valle, etc. ;-) or working out at the gym (Elements). Further trivea: While studying at HHL she starred in a TV show together with two fellow students
-André: He's a finance expert for Structured Finance Projects and Guarantee Management at Daimler Truck AG and generally lives by the motto "no risk, no fun". He's a passionate mountain biker (but don't worry, this Daimler man is also a self-proclaimed car head), as well as an information junkie and library for friends and colleagues.

Sabrina and André want to get to know you and what you want from this chapter. Let them know via a short online survey or at after work chat.

So if you are living in or close to Stuttgart and if you are interested in joining the Stuttgart chapter's activities, just drop them an E-Mail (sabrina.nck@gmail.com and andre.rothe@hhl.de) or message them on Linkedin or Xing.

New Chapter

Cologne: Till Rösnick and Philipp Lück

HHLAA is getting closer to you!

Welcome, Philipp Lück (PMSc9C) and Till Rösnick (PMSc9C), as the co-founders and chapter heads of the new Cologne chapter!

For those of you NRW'ers outside of Cologne, don't worry - the NRW chapter isn't going anywhere! Julia Höffner, Christian Brands and Christian Hoffmann are continuing to do a great job leading it. We just recognized that there is such a big cluster of you around Cologne/Düsseldorf that it made sense to create a chapter around it. Want to be part of both? Feel free to douple-dip! :)

Fun facts about:
-Philipp: Philipp is an IT Strategy Consultant at Gartner, and he got plenty of experience on the consultant lifestyle during his undergrad. During his Bachelor's studies, he lived in 7 different cities!
-Till: Who would have thought that working as an Investment Manager at WEPA Ventures would involve spending a significant share of his working hours thinking about/handling toilet paper? When he's not thinking about toilet paper, he's exploring Sweden in his huge black Volvo.

Till and Philpp are committed to learning as much as possible about the HHL community in/around Cologne and planning virtual/ offline events for 2022.

Want to join? Join the group via our alumni platform, and reach out to Till and Philipp over the HHLAA Slack channel if you have ideas for networking events!

We're searching for a Co-Chapter Head

Leipzig: YOU?

Leipzig...it's where it all started!

One thing we've learned over the past few years that running a chapter is a lot easier (and more fun!) if you've got a partner-in-crime. That's why Aparajita Deb (M17), one of HHLAA's board members and focused on startup management at VNG AG, is looking for a co-chapter head for Leipzig.

So if you are based in Leipzig and have been meaning to get more involved with this alumni community, here's your chance!

Message Aparajita directly at [aparajita.deb@hhl.de] if you're interested and want to learn more about what a chapter head does.

HHLAA on the HHL Board of Trustees

Alumni Association President joins HHL Board of Trustees

Hanns-Christian Ehret, President of the HHL Alumni Association, was recently elected to the Board of Trustees of
HHL. Having the president of the HHLAA on the Board of Trustees ensures that also the perspective our HHL alumni - your voices - is heard.

The Board of Trustees supports and advises HHL on its strategy and fundraising initiatives and directly interacts with the Dean and HHL’s Supervisory Board. Compiled of high profile personalities from business, science and society, the Board of Trustees is one of the important cornerstones of HHL’s governance.

What does Hanns-Christian have to say about it? "Founded in 1898, HHL is deeply rooted in the rich economic and cultural tradition of Leipzig and has since been about realizing opportunities. Every alumnus and every alumna carries this special HHL spirit and I am honored to be part of this journey."

More People News

Recent Career Moves by HHL Alumni

Back in December Sigrid Fischer, Manager Alumni Relations, published the latest HHL News.
One of our favorite highlights? The overview of recent career moves from HHL alumni. Didn't have a chance to check it out yet? No fear - here's the scoop:

Have we missed out on some important moves from you or a classmate? Let us know - let's celebrate these wins as a community!

Upcoming Events

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