Sliding into summer like...

oh boy, alumni - do we have some exciting stuff coming up for you!

The world isn't getting any less complicated, but HHL and HHLAA hopefully give you space and platforms to make some sense of it all.

That's why this bulletin is going to focus on where you can find some inspiration if you are looking to:
- Negotiate
- Mediate
- Innovate
- Celebrate

Spoiler alert, the place where you can celebrate? Why, of course it's the HHL Spirit Festival (formerly "Homecoming") on October 8th, 2022 in Leipzig! More details to come, but make sure to already save the date!

Fatima & Pam


Register by 1 Sept | Join the Negotiation Challenge (TNC) for Professionals

Register here by September 1st!

The Negotiation Challenge is annual international negotiation competitions open to passionate negotiators of all ranks and disciplines, in particular business, law, and diplomacy. Regardless whether you work in sales or procurement, grow business for a large corporation or build your own startup, advise your clients on M&A transactions, consult them on strategy, operations, or help them resolve legal disputes, you are welcome to join TNC 2022!

- TNC has carefully considered how to balance a busy schedule of successful business professionals with their potential interests in taking part in TNC and designed the negotiation rounds so that they offer maximum scheduling flexibility across the time zones of the participants are located in.
- The challenge period will consist of 4 rounds and one debrief session spanning between September 9th and October 9th.
- Total amount of time necessary to complete each round adds up to about 2-3 hours, including of course the time for preparation, planning and strategizing within the team.


27 June | The “Nature” of Conflicts - with Robert Becker, former Consul General of the Leipzig Consulate General

Register here to join the HHL Expert Talk on 27. June at 4PM CEST and hear from Robert (Todd) Becker, former Consul General of the Leipzig Consulate General and lecturer of Salisbury University, Maryland. He will analyse the nature of conflicts from different perspectives:
- How people approach conflicts and how this approach may/can lead to conflict resolution
- Rules of the game / social rules / national rules
- Current challenges of national states / a snapshot on the current political situation in the EU/Ukraine/Russia
- Summary and take-aways
- Afterwards, we will have a Q&A session.

The talk will be held in English and is free of charge.


Apply by 5 July | Join SPINLAB, the HHL Accelerator!


Learn more and apply today for Europe's top-ranked startup accelerators, SPINLAB!

Getting investments for your startup in Europe can be a huge pain, but we've been helping startups successfully manage their investment journeys since 2014.

If finding venture capital or other forms of investments for your startup is a priority for you in 2022, then this could be a match made in heaven.

Thanks to its customized startup + investor match-matching and introductions to one of the EU's largest investment networks, startups in SPINLAB's program raise an average of approx. 1 mio €.

--> Next application deadline: 05.07.2022
--> Next program start date: 10.10.2022
--> Next program end date: 17.03.2023


Save the date | Oct. 8 | HHL Spirit Festival & 30-year anniversary

30 years ago, in fall 1992, HHL was reborn. Let's celebrate the occasion with alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends!

The official 30-year ceremony will take place on Saturday, 8 October 2022, starting at 10.00 a.m. at the Jahnallee campus in Leipzig. Directly afterwards, HHL and the HHL Alumni Association are cordially inviting you to our annual HHL Spirit Festival, followed by the renowned HHLAA Homecoming dinner in the evening.

Join us all and experience the #HHLSpirit including exciting keynote speeches and challenging workshops. Get to know the latest research of our chairs and exchange ideas with our departments. Connect with the HHL community and HHL start-ups, meet old and new friends, get inspired and celebrate with us.

The festival will be extended through our Alumni Chapters around the globe providing you with local spaces for exchange and celebrations.

Additional information with all further details and a registration link will follow soon!

Upcoming Events

5 July | 2nd Hamburg Startup Talks at Exporo

Hamburg Chapter: 2nd Hamburg Startup Talks at Exporo, the leading platform for digital real estate investments.

The event includes a presentation by Founder and CEO Simon Brunke, followed by Q&A and a amazing networking reception.

Places are limited, so please confirm your registration here!


Speaking about innovating and accelerating, #TBT to Accelerate 2022, which was finally back in-person at the end of April!

This year’s conference evolved around the topic “Shaping A Better Tomorrow“, and focused on how to generate value for business and lead with purpose.

This Alumni Bulletin author had the opportunity to attend and had an absolute blast! Accelerate has always been an incredible place for top entrepreneurs, investors and young talents to meet and exchange ideas. This year was no different - just super refreshing since it was one of the first in-person events since the pandemic. Congrats, @Accelerate2022"!

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