Hey there,

I had a different introduction planned for today, but with what's going on in Ukraine, nobody needs witty banter or clever hashtags.

The whole world is feeling this, but those of you living in (or having friends or family in) the Ukraine or affected regions, just know that the whole HHL community is here for you. Let us know how we can support you.

I drafted this newsletter before this week's events occured. The focus is on the future, and what HHL and its alumni are doing to shape it. I think it's oddly still very fitting.

Now, more than ever, I think is a good time to focus on all the ways our HHL ecosphere is making a positive impact and shaping the future in ways that are as concrete as they are important.

Stay safe out there, and let's take care of each other.


The Future of Mentoring

Interested in mentoring current HHL students?

Learn more about the program here
and reach out to the HHL student counselor and alumnus, Justinus Christoph Pech (K2), at [Justinus.pech@hhl.de] by March 15th.

All of us we remember the years at HHL. As alumni, we didn't just get the full HHL experience, we've also collected exciting and unique career experiences since our time at HHL.

  • Want to give back? Mentor a current HHL student!
  • Not sure if your experience is relevant? Oh, but it IS. Each current student is as unique as each alumni, so the more diverse experiences and goals we bring together, the better!
  • Not sure if you have the time? Now that's a relevant question. You should be able to commit to at least one (online) meeting every two months.

Does this sound like something you'd be up for? Reach out to Justinus today!

The Future of Business School

What's the role of the online MBA?

Did you have a chance to tune into HHL's Dean, Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner's HHL Expert Talk on "The Future of Business Schools" on February 2nd?

The talk was a blast and covered a lot of different relevant topics and trends impacting the role of business schools in the future. You can watch the video recording of it here.

One aspect of that which was covered: what will be the roles of virtual, hybrid and in-person learning and networking in the future business school experience?

The Süddeutsche Zeitung recently interviewed the leaders of Germany's top business schools to speak on that question: Prof. Stubner, as well as Dr. Nina Landauer, Director Degree Programs at Mannheim Business School, and Dr. Zeeshan Sultan, MBA Program Director at WHU.

Check out the full article here!
(Note: the article is in German)

The Future of VC

Why do we need more diversity in venture capital?

As part of the 12th edition of the HHL SpinLab Investors Day, Bettine Schmitz (Auxxo), Dagmar Bottenbruch (Segenia), Petra Sokolová (Inven Capital) and Duc Quyen Tran (Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures) came together to discuss why more diversity* in venture capital is needed. Dr. Tanja Emmerling (Hightech Gründerfonds) presented in her keynote: “Diversity - so what?!” Essentials for your Diversity Playbook: how diversity can be implemented in venture capital.

Want the full scoop? Read the Spinlab blog article on the talk, Why do we need more diversity in venture capital?

Heads-up: Diversity is multifaceted. This panel focused on gender diversity. In this article, when referred to women, cis, trans women and non-binary persons are addressed. The terms “men" and "women '' are used a lot - these are of course averages or vast majorities and cannot be applied to every individual.

The Future of Entrepreneurship

How can we generate value for business and lead with purpose?

Shaping a Better Tomorrow - that's the theme of this year's Accelerate@HHL Conference! This year’s conference will evolve around this theme and focus on how to generate value for business and lead with purpose.

Accelerate@HHL is the entrepreneurship event organized solely by students. Every year they invite top entrepreneurs, investors and young talents to Leipzig to share their insights and challenge future beliefs.

  • Dates: 28th - 29th April
  • Program: 25+ Speakers, inspiring keynotes and panel discussions and workshops for students
  • Hybrid Conference: Choose your experience: online or in Leipzig

Interested in attending the event or even having your company join as a sponsor? Learn more here!

HHLAA is a proud sponsor of Accelerate, which we are able to do through your membership fees.

The Future of Energy

Driving transformation: From energy to sustainable energy

The HHL’s Energy Conference strives to address the energy challenges of today and tomorrow, spreading the value of sustainability.

It is committed to creating new knowledge for the development of the energy sector by bringing together politicians, leaders from energy driven industries, consultants and students at leading universities for enriching exchanges of thoughts through constructive arguments.

  • Dates: 21th - 22th April
  • Program: Case studies, keynote speeches, and face-to-face networking
  • In-Person Conference: Finally back to an all offline format in Leipzig!

Learn more about the event here!

HHLAA is a proud sponsor of Accelerate, which we are able to do through your membership fees.

The Future of HHLAA Abroad

We're looking for (international) chapter heads!

Our HHLAA chapter heads in Germany and across Europe are doing a phenomenal job bringing our HHLAA community together and keeping us engaged with one another.

Now we are setting our eyes on new horizons: the world!

If you are interested in starting a HHLAA in your country, city, region (or even timezone), please reach out to us!

Pam (HHLAA Board member and US-American living in Germany since 2010) is toying with the idea of starting a New York-based chapter that she can organize when she visits her family two or three times a year.

Think you can do better? You probably can, so reach out and let's do this together! Contact us at info@alumni.hhl.de

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