How can I help?

That's the question we are all asking ourselves right now.

The answers from the HHL community have been resounding. In ways I didn't realize was possible, we're coming together to support those who are impacted by the war in the Ukraine. It's truly inspiring. HHL students, faculty, staff and alumni are doing some incredible things already, and they could use your support. Read more about it below.

How can I help?

Let's not stop asking ourselves this question. Not even when the war in Ukraine is over (hopefully very soon). There will still be a lot of work to do to help rebuild infrastructure, lives and hope for those who choose to remain in the Ukraine. And for those who decide to leave Ukraine, we need to help them build new lives in new countries.

How can I help?

Let's keep asking this question, even when it doesn't pertain to the Ukraine. This won't be the last time a violent conflict, natural catastrophe or health crisis strikes. Like in 2015 when HHL and its community welcomed people fleeing the war in Syria. Or how last year HHL students raised money for Indian-based NGOs to provide urgent medical care and food security for low-income New Dehli residents during a devastating COVID surge. Let's keep asking how we can help, even if the next crisis isn't in our immediate backyard.

This is a heavy bulletin, but we made sure to include some straight-up good stuff as well! New chapter events in Berlin, Leipzig and Hannover, as well as a new Chapter Head in Leipzig!

As the host of one of my favorite podcasts, Freakonomics, signs off on every episode: Take care of yourself, and if you can, someone else, too.


Current Student in Focus: Clara Magalhães Martins

"The Brazilian Front" / "Frente Brazucra"

Current HHL MBA student and Brazilian native, Clara Magalhães Martins and her team, is providing on-the-ground help in Ukraine by bringing in food, medicine, and supplies, as well as offering transportation for those who wish to leave the country.

The project started as a mere offer on the internet to help fellow Brazilians who had left the Ukraine and needed accomodations - Clara was going to offer them space in her apartment in Germany. More people joined the chat and started offering their places as well, and the group grew. It quickly became clear, though, that the Brazilians in Ukraine didn't have a problem finding a place to stay in Europe; they had a problem leaving the Ukraine.

The operation was growing quickly, and they needed eyes on the ground, so Clara decided to drive to the Polish-Ukrainian border. The plan was to get to the border, but not actually cross the border. But when she got there, she received a rescue call from three Brazilians who said that they weren't being a allowed to cross the border without a that's when Clara decided to go in.

Since then the project has grown and is focused on helping anyone who needs assistance in the Ukraine. It has grown to nearly 1,500 volunteers on the ground and online. They've rescued over 120 people and brought incalcuable amounts of food, medicine and other supplies into the country for civilians who cannot leave.

The project has been featured on a number of news outlets in Brazil (CNN, BBC, etc.).

Her team is thankful for any support you can provide:
- Monetary donations
- Donations of supplies
- Donation of time (especially if you have an expertise in fields like accounting, logistics, etc.)
- Access to vehicles that can go into the Ukraine
- Offering accomodations to refugees they help get out of the country

Want to get involved? Reach out to Clara by Whatsapp at +49(0)1794928154, LinkedIn or via the group's Instagram page: @frente_brazucra

HHLAA Exclusive: "The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Will Diplomacy Prevail?"

Listen to the keynote from former German Ambassador to Ukraine, Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth

Did you have a chance to tune into the keynote on March 17th with former German Ambassador to Ukraine, Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeths? The talk focused on the "Russia-Ukraine crisis: Will Diplomacy Prevail?".

This keynote was a continuation our exclusive HHLAA "Outlook" series to hear from thought leaders what conditions they see necessary for a prosperous world.

If you weren't able to tune in, you can listen to the recording of it here on HHLAA's Soundcloud.

HHL for Ukraine

What is HHL's stance on the war in Ukraine?

In his HHL Blog Post on March 9th, Dean of HHL, Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner lays out how HHL perceives the current war, as well as the ways in which HHL and the larger HHL community is supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Read his full blog post here

HHL & Leipzig Supporting Refugees

What is HHL doing to support those affected by the war?

HHL is offering support on both the ground level and the academic level.

  • HHL is offering 5 full scholarships for students from the Ukraine with the Fridtjof Nansen Memorial Scholarship. The Fridtjof Nansen Memorial Scholarships is specifically designed for refugees who wish to continue their education in Germany. It was started in 2015 as nearly a million people fleeing from the war in Syria were applying for asylum in Germany.
  • HHL has reached out to Ukrainian universities to offer their students an easy way to continue their studies at HHL if needed.
  • The association, Leipzig Helps Ukraine, with over 3,500 supporters offers practical help for those refugees coming to Leipzig and has its offices on the HHL campus. The crisis coordinator collects and distributes touchpoints for help and provides leads to other institutions as well.

HHL Alumni in Action

How are HHL alumni pitching in?

- In Germany: HHL alumnus Jonathan D. Cordero offers accommodations to refugees in the Rhine-Neckar region of Germany. For more information, you can contact Jonathan D. Cordero [] directly.

  • On the global level: - Current HHL part-time MBA student, Veronica Celis Vergara, CEO of the transparent fundraising platform, EnlightAID, has already been able to reach many people who are actively helping to support refugees through her large activist network. The work at EnlightAID is now also gaining speed. The organization has already been contacted by local US governments who want to donate to projects and are willing to be completely transparent in their support of the current crisis.

Good Stuff: New Leipzig Chapter Head!

Wecome, Michael Hopf!

Let's all welcome Michael Hopf (P9) [], the new co-head of HHLAA's Leipzig Chapter! Michael was born in the beautiful town of Leipzig and graduated in 2015. He currently works in Innovation Management / VC at DB Systel - a Deutsche Bahn company. Here's a few cool facts about Michael:
- He managed the The Agile Barcamp for the past 5 years, with over 200 attendees every year.
- He was a board member of the Traineeclub (one of the largest corporate employee networks in Germany with more than 6K members) for 3 years.
- He designs Festival Sticks aka "Festival Stabs", allowing large groups in music festivals to gather around it and not be lost :)

Together with Aparajita Deb they will start to organize awesome events to connect YOU with all your intriguing personal and professional background. Stay tuned!

Good Stuff: Meet-up in Leipzig!

Leipzig - Wednesday, 6. April at 6:30 PM

Want to get to know Michael and other Leipzig-based alumni? Join in and meet up for a beer (or whatever beverage you please) for next in-person Leipzig Chapter event, called "Bergfest". Register here so they can reserve enough seats for the group! (Note: you might have to first join the chapter to then sign up for the event)

P.S. Why "Bergfest"? It's a typical german expression for having a beer on Wednesday (the middle of the week = over the mountain = Bergfest).

Good Stuff: Meet-up in Berlin!

Berlin - Thursday, 14. April at 7pm

Berlin Chapter Heads, Kolja Czudnochowski (MSc13) and Julia Derndinger (K7) are at it again!

They are inviting HHL Berlin chapter members (and any other alumni in town that day) to join at the beautiful location of Maschinenraum close to Rosenthaler Platz and learn how family-owned companies can benefit from co-creation.

The event is kindly hosted by Viessmann's Maschinenraum and HHL Alumni Tobias Rappers (MSc5) and Lennart Mehl (MSc19).

Sign up here to secure your spot!

Good Stuff: Webinar with Prof. Lahmann! (Hannover Chapter)

Zoom - Thursday, 28. April at 6:00 pm

Hannover Chapter Head Shivangi Garg (M15) has planned another exciting virtual meet up, and is extending the invitiation to the full HHL community!

With the changing business landscape, HHLAA Chapter Hannover is hosting a webinar on the topic: "Succession and Valuation of SMEs” with Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Chair of Mergers and Acquisitions).

Join us via the Zoom link from anywhere! Follow the link for more details!

Upcoming Events

Last but certainly not least... A call for the Local Chapter Head in India!

Calling all HHL Alumni fellows based in India, if you have been meaning to get more involved with this alumni community, here's your chance! We will lean on you to establish strong, thought-provoking and fun connections with HHL Alumni community based in India or anybody on India time zone for that matter :)

Message Fatima directly at [] if you're interested and want to learn more about what a chapter head does.

Photo Credit: Aashish R Gautam, Unsplash

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