Let's talk inflation

Today more than ever, we feel the interconnectedness of the global economy. The sharp increase in oil prices and the worries about Ukrainian and Russian exports are affecting many of us around the world.

Simply put, financial concerns are rising… investors, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and of course consumers are cautious about fuel costs and expect an increase in heating and food prices.

As HHL Alumni, we tend to look at a crisis with an #agile lens. What can we do different? What course of action will ensure that we adjust to the new realities? We heard from our community that different solutions are being explored, such as: using AI to streamline supply chain and bring more relevant products faster to markets, researching alternative ingredients, investments in different geographies, M&As to leverage scalability, and more.

Also, many of us are leveraging the strong #Entrepreneurship foundation we built at #HHL and making calculated yet bold career shifts.

One thing is certain though, no matter what our role is, we need to deliver values with value. Our roles must champion ethical and sustainable choices to protect the people and the planet, no matter how difficult the economical situation can be.

#StrongerTogether we remain!


Interested to know more how inflation is impacting us?

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Which industries will be most impacted during a time of inflation? Luxury, Leisure, Travel, Food Service? and is it possible to save and make "good" money despite the rising prices?

We gathered some interesting podcasts to understand more.

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Reminder: Don't miss out: Webinar with Prof. Lahmann!

Zoom - TONIGHT, Thursday, 28. April at 6:00 pm

Hannover Chapter Head Shivangi Garg (M15) has planned another exciting virtual meet up, and is extending the invitiation to the full HHL community!

With the changing business landscape, HHLAA Chapter Hannover is hosting a webinar on the topic: "Succession and Valuation of SMEs” with Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Chair of Mergers and Acquisitions).

Join us via the Zoom link from anywhere! Follow the link for more details!

A rise in the entrepreneurial spirit!

Are you thinking to invest or be part of a start-up?

We know the answer is yes to many of you, and we are not surprised! Startups have an advantage to reassess markets and capital dynamics during times of turbulence, and we have been trained so, in the time of change, we see beyond the obvious and scope viable opportunities.

Many of our fellow alumni have successfully embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

Here you can watch Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner, founder of several start-ups and an angel investor, and Sigrid Fischer, Director Career and Alumni Relations, having a vibrant discussion with HHL alumni Tanja Bogumil (Co-Founder and CEO of Perfeggt) and Dirk Graber (Founder and Co-CEO of Mister Spex) about how to become a successful founder and entrepreneur.

It is an open discussion of successes and lessons learned. A MUST WATCH!

Reminder: We are #StrongerTogether: HHL & Leipzig Supporting Refugees

What is HHL doing to support those affected by the war?

HHL is offering support on both the ground level and the academic level.

  • HHL is offering 5 full scholarships for students from the Ukraine with the Fridtjof Nansen Memorial Scholarship. The Fridtjof Nansen Memorial Scholarships is specifically designed for refugees who wish to continue their education in Germany. It was started in 2015 as nearly a million people fleeing from the war in Syria were applying for asylum in Germany.

  • The association, Leipzig Helps Ukraine, with over 3,500 supporters offers practical help for those refugees coming to Leipzig and has its offices on the HHL campus. The crisis coordinator collects and distributes touchpoints for help and provides leads to other institutions as well.

  • Current HHL MBA student and Brazilian native, Clara Magalhães Martins and her team, is providing on-the-ground help in Ukraine by bringing in food, medicine, and supplies, as well as offering transportation for those who wish to leave the country. Want to get involved? Reach out to Clara by Whatsapp at +49(0)1794928154, LinkedIn or via the group's Instagram page: @frente_brazucra

Happening in Berlin

Berlin Afterwork: Freierabendbier at Bräugier Gastropub

Don't miss out on the next alumni get-together in Berlin on May 4 @7:30 PM, at Bräugier Gastropub!

Dr. Maximilian Schreiter and alumna Stine Täubert (who knows so much about craft beer) are in Berlin, and are organizing a relaxed meetup with fellow HHL alumni in the city.

Register here ! Don't forget to share pictures! Berlin chapter events have always been legendary :)

Happening in Munich

Women@HHL casual meetup in Munich

Are you free on May 11 @7:30 PM? Make sure you head to Bar Commercial in Munich to catch up and toast for the beginning of spring!

Register here to enjoy a much deserved beer, sit back and relax!

Upcoming Events

Let's talk Earth Day!

Let's get real here. Taking care of the people and the planet is not a "nice to have" or a "widely used" approach anymore, it is a table stake. Sustainability as a concept is becoming larger, more holistic and very approachable.

We are super proud to highlight a project led by a fellow alumna Claudia Tänzer.
Sonnweiler aims to create healthy and inspiring place close to both nature and the city of Leipzig, for intergenerational living, working and creating. Think of a naturopathic practice, a cultural barn, an inclusive playground that invites people from all ages, including children with limited mobility, to an adventure where enriching meetings, free development and spiritual expansion, as well as wholesome healing, can be experienced.

We invite you all to support the great Sonnweiler initiative!

Picture Credit: Amy Shamblen, Unsplash

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