Okay, serious talk

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the words from the special HHL Alumni keynote address by Lutz Meschke, the new Chairman of the HHL Supervisory Board and also the Deputy Chairman and Member of the Executive Board Finance and IT at Porsche.

I'm particularly thinking about one question he posed to us: “There are so many business leaders who never speak publicly about political issues, and I think that is a great pity. I ask you, who will be the ones to raise their voice against mismanagement and deficits? If not the people at the top – if not you?”

These words really rang true to me, and even more so because they came from a guy who, as the CFO of one of the world’s most prestigious sportscar manufacturers, could easily claim that taking “action to move the world in a direction where there is a bit more fairness and a bit better quality of life” is outside the scope of his job description.

But instead he did the opposite. He said it is INHERENTLY his job. He said it’s all of our jobs. He recognizes his responsibility, and he reminded us of our own.

THAT’S being a #LeadershipPioneer.

It’s our job to “speak up when necessary” and “disagree when it matters.” Because there is no such thing as being neutral. You either speak up for what’s right, or you “look the other way” and allow injustice to continue. It’s always a choice. A #LeadershipPioneer understands that and makes choices – big and small – which reflect their values, and the world they wish to live in.

So, in addition to eating a ton of Spargel, I’m going to use these upcoming German holidays to think about my values; think about what kind of choices are in front of me, and what kind of choices I can make to "move the world in a direction where there is a bit more fairness and a bit better quality of life" - even if it's only a little bit at first.


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Lutz Meschke delivers virtual keynote to HHL Community

As mentioned above, Lutz Meschke, Germany’s Top-Level Executive (Porsche's Deputy Chairman and Member of the Executive Board Finance and IT) and Chairman of the HHL Supervisory Board, recently gave an inspiring and bold keynote on #LeadershipPioneers and the power of the HHL Alumni Spirit.
Check out the video here!

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