Hey there,

Look up! Do you see that? The picture of some gents enjoying a cold one in a beer garden? That’s not a recycled photo from yesteryear nor a stock photo. Those are REAL HHL alumni enjoying a beer. Together. In 2021. It’s true!

This photo warms my heart for a couple of reasons:
1) After a year and a half of the pandemic, the Berlin chapter found a way to meet in-person, safely.
2) It’s been about a year since we (the board) started serving you, and – despite our best efforts – we didn’t burn this thing to the ground. See, the photo is proof!

In all seriousness though, last year was a big ol’ experiment: a new board in the middle of the pandemic. And so on behalf of the board, I just want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you for what you put into this organization during this last year.

Everyone pitched-in in their own way. We had a lot of regulars at virtual events. Others were willing to sit in the hot seat on different panels to share their experiences with the community. Many of you made yourself available to current students, helping them navigate their way through this weird situation. Others of you stepped up to take over or create new local chapters. And A LOT of you got active on the new Slack channel.

But really, a special shout-out to those of you who didn’t mark this newsletter as spam – you’re the real heros ;)

With COVID cases on the rise again, no one knows what the next chapter of this pandemic will look like, but based on how all of us came together last year, I know we will find creative ways to get together and stay #strongertogether. And that makes me smile.

So, thank you. I think you're awesome.


HHL Spirit Festival: The Annual Alumni Homecoming

Save the dates! 11th-14th November

The HHL Spirit Festival: The Annual Alumni Homecoming is scheduled to take place on 11-14 November, 2021.

We're planning a very different event for you this year. To make it as inclusive as possible, it will be a virtual event blending serious and fun. This is going to be Your Space to Grow!

We are all, board members, local chapters, HHL faculty and current HHL students, putting the plans together to create an unforgettable event. Got ideas of your own or want to help out? Don't hesitate to reach out at info@alumni.hhl.de or on Slack.

Stay tuned!

Postcard from Berlin

Alumni Chapter Berlin: After-work drinks at Zollpackhof

After over 1.5 years, members of the Berlin Chapter finally reunited in-person with around 20 alumni across many classes from K5 to MSc17. It was a fun night with quite a few drinks and a typical beer garden supper. Especially towards the end of the night, many creative ideas for Chapter events for post-Covid times were born. We're excited for an active chapter, starting with the next event after the ongoing summer holiday season.

Want to get involved in the Berlin Chapter? Reach out to the Chapter Heads, Julia Derndinger (K7) and Kolja (MSc13) on Slack or via the alumni platform and dive in!

Connect with Your Local Chapter!

Have you found your local alumni chapters yet?

Don't live in Berlin, but want to get those alumni-vibes going? See what's going on near you! We've cleaned up and improved the alumni chapter pages on the alumni platform, so login here to our HHL Alumni Association portal and:
- Keep your profile up-to-date
- Meet your local chapter head, join the group and attend all the exciting events happening around you!

HHL Alumnus in Focus

Martin Elwert – Founder and Managing Director at Coffee Circle

Martin Elwert, who graduated with a diploma in business from HHL in 2006, founded Coffee Circle in 2010 with two other former colleagues from his time as consultant at Roland Berger. Coffee Circle started as a coffee roasting company in Berlin focusing on exceptional coffee quality, fair trade and social impact through innovation along the value chain.

Martin is very clear on the company's mission: "We want the local communities to be part of the improvement process, which increases their confidence, motivation and entrepreneurial drive."

Want to learn more about being a succesful entrepreneur AND running a sustainable business? Learn more about Martin and Coffee Circle here in the HHL Blog's "Startup Stories"


Have you ever considered getting a coach?

Sigrid Fischer, Manager Alumni Relations, invited executive coaches, Susanne May and Olga Skipper, to discuss what executive coaching actually is and how it can help your personal career development with concrete cases and in-depth expert perspectives.

"Build Resilience & Maintain Direction in Uncertain Times - The Real Power of Coaching", is an HHL Expert Talk that aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of Executive Coaching and how you and your company can benefit from it, so that you can become an even stronger #LeadershipPioneer.

Check out the summary of the talk and the link to the video here!

From the Ivory Towers...

White paper with EY: "How diverse private equity partner teams affect buyout performance"

Dr. Benjamin Hammer, HHL alumnus (MSc and Phd) and now co-Academic Director of the Center for Corporate Transactions and Private Equity (CCTPE), recently published a white paper with EY based on the main findings of the academic article “The more the merrier? – Diversity and private equity performance” by Benjamin Hammer, Silke Pettkus, Denis Schweizer and Norbert Wünsche published in the British Journal of Management (2021).

Key findings? "There are doubtless benefits of a diverse team; different backgrounds of the individual team members lead to a broader set of perspectives, contributing to more nuanced decision-making. Simultaneously, these exact same differences can lead to communication barriers and possible clashes between the individuals involved." And in the end, "influence depends on type of diversity."

Think the insights from this research might be useful for your situation? Read more on their research here!

Thank YOU! Your HHLAA Fees Supported This Great Initiative

June 2021 | Venture Capital Club’s Investment Cup

Thanks to your membership fees, HHLAA was able to finanically support the student initiative, Venture Capital Club (VCC).

In June, VCC organized the first European Venture Capital Case Challenge. Over the course of two days, students from all over Germany competed on the HHL campus in Leipzig.

Learn more about the event on the HHL Blog.


Last call: Sign up for the TNC by September 1st!

There's now a Negotiation Challenge for professionals!

HHL's very own Prof. Dr. Remi Smolinski and his colleague, Prof. Dr. Peter Kesting (Negotiation Professor at Aarhus University), have created a new negotation challenge just for successful (and busy) professionals!

The challenge will take place from September 10th - October 2nd, and consist of 4 rounds. Total amount of time necessary to complete each round is about 2-3 hours, including of course the time for preparation, planning and strategizing within the team.

HHLAA board member, Pam Taylor, took part last year and highly recommends it!

Learn more here and register by September 1st!

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events

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Remembering Prof. Dr. jur. Kurt Biedenkopf, the first Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony (1990-2002)

With sadness and sympathy HHL commemorates Prof. Dr. jur. Kurt Biedenkopf. Our condolences go out to his family.

With great enthusiasm and personal commitment, Kurt Biedenkopf, as the first Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony (1990-2002), accompanied the re-establishment of the Leipzig Business School in 1992 from the very beginning. In the following years, HHL continued to receive his support, not least through his visits, speeches and lectures to students and graduates. Not only Saxony, but also HHL, owes a lot to his work.
In 2008 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from HHL and finally in 2016 he was appointed Honorary Senator, the highest academic honorary degree awarded by HHL.

With him, the HHL community has lost a friend and supporter who will also be remembered as a formative part of the history of our company.

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