Let's talk #inspiration

With the new normal kicking in, many options are now on the table, and it is really confusing! Looking for #inspiration throughout change might just be one of the most difficult tasks professionals, managers and leaders need to do…

But why is inspiration so important? Well, it allows us to explore our full potential and build a greater sustainable future! So, what inspiration do you draw from your #HHLSpirit? Here are few ideas that some of you, #LeadershipPioneers, have shared with us:

Master your practice: Inspired individuals have a strong driver to grasp their work, in all its details, while keeping their focus on the bigger picture.
Move: Don’t wait for inspiration, seek it. When we do different things, we think different things.
Stay in learning mode: Develop an inspirational routine through #LifeLongLearning. You can NEVER know enough about one subject. Keep an open mind.
Expand your social network: HINT: Join #HHLAA events regularly. We always make sure that you grow closer to new ideas and insights.

And remember, if you are struck by a brilliant idea (and we know you do!), write it down, and make sure you share it with us on HHL Alumni Slack Channel or contact us [info@alumni.hhl.de] to be featured in one of our events.

Stay Brilliant. Stay Inspired.


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Did You Know?

HHL MBA is Ranked "Outstanding" in Innovation

According to the latest "AméricaEconomía" rankings, HHL's MBA program is outstanding in the category "Innovation" - close behind Stanford and Yale .

In fact, HHL is outstanding in the "Innovation" category with 97.7 out of a possible 100 points. This puts the university in 6th place worldwide, just behind the world's leading schools such as Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Haas School of Business and the Yale School of Management. HHL also has the highest percentage of female MBA students in the world, with 65% women.

Read more about it here!

HHL Graduation Will be Live-Streamed | 26 June, 2021 at 13:00 CEST

The HHL Graduation Ceremony 2021 will live-streamed this year. Register here to be alerted when more information is provided.

The students of the classes MSc19, PMSc9, PMSc9C and PMSc9M of the Master of Science Program, classes M20, P14 and P14C of the MBA Program, as well as the students of the Doctoral Program of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, together with the management, faculty and staff, are cordially invited to their official online Graduation Ceremony.

Technically, registration is only possible for graduates, their relatives and invited guests only...but it if you want to sneak in, it seems that you can simply register using the Eventbrite link above...😉

HHL Alumnus in Focus

Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski | HHL Honorary Professor & Negotiation Expert

Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski, or simply "Remi", as any of his past students have learned to call him, isn't just an HHL alumnus - not even just "Best Visiting Professor" as voted by HHL students.

In addition to teaching HHL students about negotation since 2006, Remi has been active in providing students, academics and professionals hands-on opportuntities on improving their negotation skills:

In 2007, he initiated The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) as the first international negotiation competition in Europe and since then developed it to one of the major negotiation competitions in the world. Now there's even a TNC for professionals (see article below).

Additionally, Remi and his TNC colleague, Prof. Dr. Peter Kesting, founded INTRA – "International Negotiation Teaching and Research Association" – an exchange platform for international scholars established to foster their passion for negotiation and negotiation related topics.

Read his full HHL Success Story here!

Upcoming Events

Outlook 2021 | Keynote with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner | 23. June 2021, 6:30-7:15pm CEST

Corporate Social Responsibility: What does it imply?

The past year and months were unlike any other, so what is in store for 2021 and beyond? Against that backdrop we’ve launched an exclusive HHL Alumni 'Outlook 2021' keynote series to hear from HHL thought leaders what conditions they see necessary for a continued recovery in global activity amid strong fiscal and monetary stimulus, accelerated technological innovation and investments in carbon mitigation.

It is with great pleasure to invite you to another extraordinary and distinguished HHL Alumni keynote with
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom, Member of the Supervisory Board of Porsche SE, Chairman of the HHL Board of Trustees, former CEO and former Member of the Shareholders' Committee of Henkel and former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp.

Corporate Social Responsibility: What does it imply?
a Keynote with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner
moderation by Hanns-Christian Ehret, HHL Alumni President

Learn more here!

The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) for Professionals | Fall 2021

TNC isn't just for students anymore!

HHL's very own Prof. Dr. Remi Smolinski and his colleague, Prof. Dr. Peter Kesting (Negotiation Professor at Aarhus University), have created a new negotation challenge just for successful (and busy) professionals!

Join this year as a "singles" or "doubles" team and compete in a fully virtual setting with teams across the world.

The challenge will take place from September 10th - October 2nd, and consist of 4 rounds. Total amount of time necessary to complete each round adds up to about 2-3 hours, including of course the time for preparation, planning and strategizing within the team.

HHLAA board member, Pam Taylor, took part last year and can highly recommend it!

Learn more here and register by September 1st!

Thank YOU! Your HHLAA Fees Supported These Great Initiatives

HHL European Ivy League

This year’s HHL European Ivy League had a totally new format and something for everyone, and HHLAA was a proud sponsor of it!

EIL Fitness Challenge (17-30 May)
206 participants from 32 universities ran/walked/cycled/skated a combined 13,682 km, all to raise a total of 5,400€ for charity!

And of course there were plenty of opportunties for students to network during the Virtual EIL 2021 (5 June):
- FIFA-Tournament
- Case Study workshop with PWC

...as well as Leadership Talks with Ilja Kaenzig (Managing Director of VfL Bochum), Stefan Zuschke (Ex-Head of BC-Partners), and Marc André Lenhard
(Head of RB Leipzig Gaming).

HHL Energy Conference | "Power of Tomorrow"

The HHL Energy Conference 2021 was back this year (27-28 May) and HHLAA was proud to sponsor it through your membership fees!

This year's conference offered an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange and discussion between business, politics and science about formative trends and problems, as well as innovative business models and sustainable solutions for shaping the energy industry.

There were expert keynote speeches, a case study challenge, and a career fair to facilitate informal contact between students and the attending companies like strategy consultancies and other players from the energy sector.

Join in and Support INDIAxHHL


Faced with a novel, more infectious and lethal variant, India is one of the countries that has been hit hardest by the corona pandemic. The consequences resulting from the public health crisis span over borders and have reached our Indian HHL community to an unthought of degree.

We care, which is why we have initiated the INDIAxHHL fundraising initiative supporting two Indian-based NGOs.

We are grateful for any contribution to our PayPal Money Pool that is linked below. You will also find a more detailed description of our initiative following the link:

INDIAxHHL Paypal Pool

This fundraising drive is lead by New Leipzig Talents (NLT) – The competency coaching program for new HHL students.

HHL Digital Career Center


I know we reminded you last month, but seriously, graduation is RIGHT around the corner...so don't miss out on the newest class entering the market!

Are you or your company interested in recruiting at HHL? Then reach out to Martina Beermann [Martina.Beermann@hhl.de], Director Career Development at HHL, to learn more about how to get in touch with the right HHL graduates (and/or alumni) for your company or team.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events

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HHL Shop

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Get your super-professional hoodie at the HHL Shop!


When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, then you're successful!

Some days you win, some days you don't... but remember you have spent hours, days and nights setting the foundation for greatness. This is #HHLSpirit!

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