Dear Alumni!

When we met in 2013 as part of our part-time studies at HHL, we never thought of forming the executive board of the HHL Alumni Association. Since 2016, with your approval, we could “officially” stand up for the alumni of HHL. In retrospect, it was the right decision and an unforgettable time for us.

In the last four years, the HHLAA has developed very positively. With an increasing number of members and your membership fees, we have been able to support numerous exciting initiatives of HHL, students and alumni. We have always tried to promote our alma mater in many discussions with HHL and its staff, the Friends of HHL (Gesellschaft der Freunde), the HHL Foundation (HHL-Stiftung) and other important players at the university. We could see the dedication with which Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner and Dr. Marcus Kölling, together with a great team, have further developed HHL in recent years. And we were able to experience fantastic events with many of you, such as the local chapter meetings or the annual homecoming...

This year, unfortunately, everything is different: the global corona pandemic has brought about many changes for you and us too. Many events and activities that we would have liked to support could not take place. We very much regret that we cannot celebrate the homecoming in Leipzig with you this year. Even though the decision to cancel the event was a difficult one for us, we are still convinced that it was the right decision.

We would have gladly taken the opportunity of the homecoming to personally bid farewell to many of you and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

After four years, we would now like to pass on the sceptre. We wish the newly elected executive and extended board and the advisory board every success! Dear Hanns-Christian (Ehret), dear Conrad (Dr. von Stechow), dear Tobias (Wolff) - good luck to you as core board members, a good cooperation with HHL and all alumni and much joy with your new task.

See you soon!
Dirk, Christian and Raphael

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