After the Start-Up Talk at Talentry in September, the HHL Community in Munich was thrilled about being invited to Siemens Management Consulting. HHL’s new Dean Prof. Stubner also joined the event in order to meet up with HHL Alumni. But first things first. Felix Ludwig, HHL Alumnus and CEO of Siemens Management Consulting, presented interesting insights on future topics of the Inhouse Consulting firm. The digital revolution of course not only influences daily work routines but also has a great impact on the consulting projects as such. Siemens possesses a lot of data which can provide extraordinary new ideas and solutions for business and people. In the aftermath, Prof. Stephan Stubner gave an overview of his 100 first days in office. He points out that HHL stands for "Innovative. International. Individual.” while reflecting on HHL’s future strategy. It was an accomplished evening throughout, rounded off by continuous discussions while enjoying some food and drinks. HHL expresses its sincere gratitude to HHL alumni Felix Ludwig (K3) and Sebastian Herrmann (PMSc2) for welcoming the HHL Community at Siemens Management Consulting.

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