HHL alumnus Samuel Kermelk (P4), CEO of Heiterblick GmbH and Authorized Officer of Kirow, hosted last week's Leipzig Chapter event at his premises nearby the Leipzig Cotton Mill. In this context, he presented some company insights and discussed afterwards with Prof. Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg and Dr. Joachim Lamla, CFO of Porsche Leipzig GmbH, about “Industry 4.0 – How digitalization changes leadership in technology-driven companies – An exemplary discussion from the perspective of the car manufacturer Porsche and the medium-sized company Heiterblick“.

It was a great pleasure to join the discussion and the exciting tour through the Kirow and Heiterblick plants afterwards. Thereby, we had the chance to see one of the 150 trams Heiterblick is building for the City Hanover. As it became a tradition, we also got together after the official part of the event since we were invited to have some food and drinks on-site. Thanks to the host for the amazing event and the hospitality!

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