How will the shopping behavior change within the next 10 years? Looking at the declining number of offline consuming, once would estimate that the brick and mortar commerce will one day disappear. An interesting discussion came up during the Alumni Chapter Meeting in Hamburg at ECE, when Prof. Kirchgeorg (Chair of Marketing at HHL) and Sophie Dukat (Project Manager at ECE) both claimed that the offline retail will not disappear but change. Retailers, once purely started as an Internet retailer, are already opening stores where their clients can experience a “sur place” shopping experience. But also the concept of shopping malls itself is changing, allowing the customer for instance to reserve online a product in the respective shop online and then to personally purchase it afterwards.

The HHL community spent a nice evening, kindly hosted by by ECE and HHL alumnus Aaron Melke (PMSc1) who is working as Leasing Manager at ECE and inter alia responsible for the shopping center in Leipzig’s central station. Founded in the 1960s by mail-order pioneer Prof. Werner Otto, Hamburg-based ECE has been developing, building, leasing out, and managing large commercial properties in the business areas Shopping, Office, Traffic, and Industries and is European market leader in the field of inner-city shopping centers.

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