ESports is turning into a megatrend. This is the overall takeaway from the Alumni Chapter Meeting in Frankfurt, kindly hosted by Deloitte and HHL alumnus Andreas Frisch (K8). Deloitte’s eSports Team recently published their second study on the impact of eSports in the German Market which was the foundation for an interesting evening among HHL Alumni. Kim Lachmann from Deloitte presented the astonishing results of their research to the HHL Community. ESports is still a hidden market. Deloitte found out in their study that 47% of the participants have never heard about eSports. However, the investments in the market is huge and constantly growing. Amazon already secured their shares when buying the live streaming platform Twitch in 2014. The site provides video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions and records 10 million visitors per day. Have you ever heard about Dota2? The strategy game currently ranks as the most successful eSports game.
The HHL Community spent a nice evening and continued discussions after the presentation while enjoying some food and drinks.

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