At the beginning of June, the Alumni Chapter Munich got together at the beautiful premises of Kaufmanns-Casino. In this nice atmosphere HHL Dean Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart discussed with HHL alumni Christoph Behn (K13), founder of the kartenmacherei, and Felix Ludwig (K3), CEO of Siemens Management Consulting. They had a controverse dialogue on how leadership is influenced in times of rapid change and which impact they see from the perspective of a consultancy and an established startup company. In this context, both alumni gave insights on how their companies have changed and which answers they have developed in terms of digitalization, higher turnover, and new requirements towards workforce and working environment.

From HHL’s perspective, it is amazing to have alumni on board who contribute with their experience and expertise and we highly appreciate this kind of involvement from alumni from which all members of the community can benefit. Thanks a lot and looking forward to see you soon in Munich!

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