The National Scholarship program at HHL is more than financial support that fosters excellent academic achievements. Since 2011, HHL awards the best students who also show strong commitment for HHL, as well as social projects. The National scholarship program was launched by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 2011 and aims at establishing a new culture of giving and supporting education by companies, individuals and foundations. Each scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) is co-financed by the German federal government.

Supporting two National Scholarships, Dirk Schuran – President of the HHL Alumni Association – states on behalf of the board’s decision: “We are very impressed by the academic excellence of the HHL students who are rewarded this year. The scholarships shall honor their previous university achievements and non-university engagement. In addition, our financial support shall enable them to focus even more on their studies in order to become successful future HHL alumni.”

In total, four National Scholarships were awarded during the enrollment ceremony in Spring 2018. They went to Felix Schultze and Oliver Thieme-Garmann (both sponsored by HHL’s Alumni Association), Jill Tönsmann (sponsored by binee Leipzig) as well as Luca Fahrion (sponsored by Leipziger Foren Holding GmbH).

The next National Scholarships will be awarded in September 2018. Kindly contact Mrs. Martina Beermann, Director of HHL’s Career Service if you are interested in becoming one of the next National Scholarship Supporter.

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