Dear HHL Alumni-Community,

Did you know that only 19% of the MSc students at HHL are female? And that currently there is only one female full professor at HHL?

While this certainly sounds surprising, HHL reflects a phenomenon that is observable all around the world: Women are still underrepresented in management and leadership positions, even though they represent 50% of the global working age population and 50% of the world’s higher education gradu-ates1. The initiative Women@HHL, which we are supporting this year, decided to challenge this misbalance. Founded in 2014, the initiative around Michaela Wrede, Frieda Rosin and Anne Bäro (all HHL doctoral students) aims to empower and set the women at HHL up for success by focusing on two main pillars:

Personal development

Learning from experienced female leaders in corporations and start-ups, coaching offered by female management professionals and exploration of future career opportunities


Network building within HHL (across female staff, MSc, MBA and doctoral students) and beyond (successful alumnae, external female leaders and entrepreneurs)

On a regular basis, Women@HHL organizes events such as workshops, coaching sessions and impulse talks by mainly female representatives from practice (particularly higher management level, entrepreneurship, HR, coaching and science) to foster the members individual abilities. These professional events are complemented by informal get-togethers to strengthen the network character of the initiative.

Next to the individual gains for the females at HHL, Women@HHL also offers distinct benefits for HHL itself. In fact, the initiative strengthens the community spirit at HHL and fosters the exchange between students, employees and the faculty. These personal relationships create a special type of “HHL attachment” by strengthening the bonds between HHL females and the university. In addition, they encourage and are living proof of HHL’s desired attribute of being the “personal university”.

“The donation from HHLAA enables Women@HHL to improve the internal set-up and external visibility. Moreover, the initiative gains the opportunity to invite special guests to Leipzig. Through the cooperation with HHLAA, Women@HHL also hopes to build a connection to the strong and well-developed HHL alumni network and obtain valuable support from its members. As the initiative is planning to establish an advisory board and search for a patroness,” we believe that HHL alumni – both women and men – are the perfect group to address”, says Michaela Wrede.

Get informed about upcoming events of Women@HHL via Facebook or join the respective Women@HHL groups on LinkedIn or Xing.

If you would like to support Women@HHL, please contact Michaela Wrede (

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