The HHL Alumni Association e.V. funded two "Deutschlandstipendien" in 2017. We want to introduce one of the beneficiaries, Sophie Song, fulltime MBA student of HHL.

Why did you apply for a "Deutschlandstipendium"?

"Deutschlandstipendium is one of the greatest honor that a student can be offered during his or her study in Germany. As a compensation financially, it helps us to focus more on the study. And more importantly, it provide us opportunity to extend our network with the elite donators."

What do you think: which skills and qualification or what kind of social participation or volunteer engagement were the decisive factors that you got scholarship?

"I have participated in multiple competitions and extracurricular activities during HHL study, which I believe is the decisive factor for me to become a scholarship owner. The competitions include business challenge, consulting challenge, negotiation challenge, etc. All these experience were exciting but also intensive. They all have added up to the great memories that I have during my HHL experience."

What are the benefits of the "Deutschlandstipedium" for you personally?

"As mentioned, the scholarship is a financial support as well as a channel for us to extend our network. As a full-time MBA student, the majority of us has resigned the previous job so to pursue another degree in HHL. It is not easy at all. This scholarship has helped me focus better on my study. Additionally, it provides me a chance to know our sponsor. My sponsor Mr. Schuran is the sales head of CoMatch, I have visited his company and it was such a cool experience. His personal sharing are also of great value to me. I really appreciate the opportunity to know him."

What do you associate with the HHL Alumni Association e.V.?

"The Alumni Association e.V. significantly support HHL's alumni networking. I have participated the alumni event last year in Zurich and have met multiple elite alumni there. I will surely participate in more events in the future."

What are your professional goals in the future?

"I am currently working in an investment bank in Frankfurt after I have done my internship with Bayer. My professional passion is in the corporate M&A field."

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