Why did you apply for a "Deutschlandstipendium"?
To be honest, I have never been thinking about applying for any kind of scholarship before I came to HHL, which is one of the reasons why the “Deutschlandstipendium” is my very first scholarship. During my intake ceremony in March 2017, I got aware of the Deutschlandstipendium as my (future) fellow students got honored by our previous Dean Prof. Dr. Pinkwart. I thought that it would be a great honor to be selected out of so many fascinating and outstanding personalities and I had a modicum of hope to be one of those in the near future.

What do you think: which skills and qualification or what kind of social participation or volunteer engagement were the decisive factors that you got scholarship?
It is really hard to say which factors were the decisive ones but I think that my international experience together with my engagement for the student initiative called “Voice of Hope” which, besides other things, helps refugees and socially disadvantaged people to find a job and to integrate them into the local job market, played a major role. In addition, I think that having a positive attitude and good grades never harms if it comes to such awards.

What are the benefits of the "Deutschlandstipedium" for you personally?
The “Deutschlandstipendium” provides me with the great chance to release my parents from some funds for upkeep and to fully focus on my studies at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. For the next months in particular, the Deutschlandstipendium also provides with the chance to explore a completely new world as I will do my study abroad in India. I am really looking forward to this new experience and I am happy that the HHL Alumni Association released me of some of the financial burdens that go hand in hand with a semester abroad.

What do you associate with the HHl Alumni Association e.V.?
From my point of view, the relationship of current and former HHL-Students is something really unique in Germany and maybe even in Europe. Even though we are a comparatively small University, there is always someone you can ask for advice if it comes to internships at prestigious companies or an entrepreneurial career in general. The HHL Alumni Association provides a platform for many activities and supports not only the regular meetings and homecomings, but also a variety of Student Initiatives. As a student, I am really looking forward to become part the Alumni Association and to pay back, what I appreciated during my studies.

What are your professional goals in the future?
That’s a good question for which I don’t have an answer on so far. My definition of a perfect job is one in which I am given the opportunity to gain diverse experiences and grow with my responsibilities. Coming from three years in one of the greatest technology companies of the world, I recently conducted an internship in a (former) Start-Up of an HHL Alumnus and I’m currently doing a internship in a consulting company. I’m still collecting all kinds of experiences and I will for sure have more than just one talk with our career service at HHL. However, I am happy that HHL provides us students with a great base to start our professional career successfully, not matter in which industry or company.

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