Why did you apply for a "Deutschlandstipendium"?
The “Deutschlandstipendium” combines financial support with the possibility to extend our business network and interact with a private sponsor. However, I was not aware that one can apply for a scholarship while already studying. My dearest friend Imane (she is also studying at HHL) pointed out that there is an opportunity which might be interesting for me. Thus, I am not only deeply grateful to receive the “Deutschlandstipendium” but also for Imane who is always taking care of the people around her.

What do you think: which skills and qualification or what kind of social participation or volunteer engagement were the decisive factors that you got scholarship?
Besides my extraordinary results at HHL, volunteering plays a strong role in my life. Moreover, I contribute to HHL community by being part of the HHL initiative Venture Capital Club, the examination committee and also as class representative of our course. I believe that all of these points added up to be decisive factors for me to become a scholarship owner.

What are the benefits of the "Deutschlandstipedium" for you personally?
Studying at a private business school is cost intensive and the financial support provided by the scholarship helps me to sleep better and to better focus on my studies. In addition, I already had the chance to get in contact with my sponsor Jerome Dudacy who gave me valuable advice on founding my own business.

What do you associate with the HHl Alumni Association e.V.?
One decisive aspect why I applied for HHL was a meeting with an Alumnus. I was astonished how committed he was to HHL and how well the exchange with the HHL Alumni network worked. Since I have started my studies at HHL I took several opportunities to approach HHL alumnus in order to get insights in both the corporate and the start-up world. I perceive the HHL Alumni Association as one of the biggest benefits of HHL which helps current students to get valuable advice from different generations and gives the opportunity to build a strong network.

What are your professional goals in the future?
I strive to get a job in a fruitful environment where I constantly learn and increase my knowledge - be it in a start-up, as a consultant or as an assistant to the board.

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