Why did you apply for a "Deutschlandstipendium"?

The “Deutschlandstipendium” offers a unique opportunity to receive financial aid and at the same time engage personally with a private sponsor. This way, we can focus stronger on our studies while also getting a helpful consultation for our personal career. Thus, receiving the “Deutschlandstipendium” is a great honor for which I am deeply grateful.

What do you think: Which skills and qualification or what kind of social participation or volunteer engagement were the decisive factors that you got a scholarship?

Already during my bachelor’s degree, I worked in a student business consultancy besides my studies to gain more practical experience. At HHL, I engaged in the HHL Venture Capital Club to learn more about the start-up scene and in our HHL Voice of Hope initiative which supports refugees with their integration into the German job market. I am happy to be appreciated not only for academic performance but also non-university commitment, which motivates me, even more, to contribute to the HHL community besides the lecture hall.

What are the benefits of the “Deutschlandstipedium” for you personally?

The financial support from the “Deutschlandstipendium” particularly helped me to finance my semester abroad at the University of Victoria in Canada and allowed me to gather countless memorable experiences along my academic education. Moreover, I am lucky to get supported by the HHL Alumni Association as the private sponsor of my scholarship. Through the association and its members, I received valuable advice regarding my personal career opportunities and strong support when searching for internships. Special thanks go to Dirk Schuran as head of the HHL Alumni Association for always being available to answer open questions.

What do you associate with the HHL Alumni Association e.V.?

One of the major reasons why I decided to apply at HHL for my master’s degree in the first place was its strong alumni network in both the corporate and the start-up world. As HHL graduate, we have the opportunity to become part of this valuable network and establish relationships with successful entrepreneurs and executives to exchange knowledge and experiences lifelong. The HHL Alumni Association is the cornerstone for connecting students and alumni. Their commitment to facilitate this exchange between different generations enables us already early in our studies to build a strong personal network.

What are your professional goals in the future?
After just recently finishing my internship at Roland Berger, I am certain that the next step in my career will be in the field of Management Consulting.

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