Why Become a Member of HHLAA?

The membership of substantially all HHL alumni is - besides the voluntary commitment, donations and sponsoring offered by some HHL Alumni - crucial to promote the welfare of HHL and to maintain an active and continually growing network amongst all alumni of HHL for steady exchange and support.

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Additional Benefits as a Member

Become a part of the global HHLAA community
HHL's alumni comprise more than 1.600 professionals in over 70 countries. Many of them hold senior positions in major industries and, with over 150 established companies within the last 15 years, they are also recognized as dynamic entrepreneurs. The vast majority of HHL Alumni is part of the HHLAA community.

Participate in HHLAA events worldwide
The yearly Homecoming and chapter events are a great way to stay connected with HHL, to see old classmates, and to meet new friends.

Access to local Chapters and Shared Interest Groups
HHLAA maintains various Chapters and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) organized by location or affinity interest. As a member of HHLAA you will automatically become a member of your local Chapter and you may choose to join or establish SIGs Meeting your professional interests.

Access to the global alumni directory
Whether you are looking for advice or support from the experts in our network or you simply want to find some of your classmates: The HHL Alumni directory is the key to easily get in touch with your fellow Alumni.

Access to job offers provided by and for HHL alumni
Whether you are looking for a prospective candidate or for a new opportunity for your career: Knowing that an HHL alumni sits on both sides of the table provides a good deal of trust for everyone.

Benefit from promotional offers provided to HHL Alumni
like discounts for events, newspaper subscriptions, etc.

Keep up to date with the current developments in academia
Alumni can continue to expand their professional horizon with access to selected courses of the MBA and MSc programs at HHL at reduced prices.

Membership Fee and Additional Contribution

Currently, the annual membership fee amounts to EUR 50,- for all members, who have provided us with an authorization for direct debit and accurate account Information (otherwise, the regular membership fee of EUR 70,- applies). For all current HHL students the registration is free of charge and will convert automatically into a regular membership, once you have graduated.