1 September 2021
2 October 2021

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What is TNC?
The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) is one of the most established international negotiation competitions. Over the years, TNC has hosted the world’s best student negotiators from leading universities, allowing them to share their passion and compete against each other in realistic negotiation situations.

Based on the extensive experience in designing and organizing negotiation competitions, The Negotiation Challenge launched also a global negotiation competition for professionals.

TNC for professionals rests on solid academic foundations of its founders and operates in the same proven format. It gathers world’s best professional and passionate negotiators and offer them an opportunity to demonstrate their negotiation mastery and compare their skills with their like-minded counterparts from around the world.

Due to its global reach, open, impartial and highly competitive character combined with rigorous scientific approach, The Negotiation Challenge is an unofficial World Championship in Negotiation.

Competition Schedule
The Negotiation Challenge 2021 for professionals is a negotiation competition with a global reach. To help connect the best negotiators across the continents all negotiation rounds take place completely online.
The participants will have 48 hours from the moment they receive the instructions to:
- contact each other
- agree on the exact timing of their negotiations
- agree on the communication mode
- negotiate a wise agreement
- report their final outcome

Total amount of time necessary to complete each round adds up to about 2-3 hours, including of course the time for preparation, planning and strategizing within the team.

We have carefully considered how to balance a busy schedule of successful business professionals with their potential interests in taking part in TNC and designed the negotiation rounds so that they offer maximum scheduling flexibility across the time zones of the participants are located in.

Reasons to participate
Negotiation has been consistently ranked as one of the most important managerial skills. Regardless whether you work in sales or procurement, grow business for a large corporation or build your own startup, advise your clients on M&A transactions, consult them on strategy, operations, or help them resolve legal disputes, you are a negotiator, we all are.

There are many convincing reasons, why participating in The Negotiation Challenge offers a unique opportunity to develop negotiation skills, especially for those, who negotiate professionally every day.

The ability to deal with conflict and negotiate wise agreements has an impact on the quality of your life! So join us and register for The Negotiation Challenge now, if you wish anonymously!