25 June 2019
Kochstraße 132
04277 Leipzig

In todays wold, we are surrounded by accelerating and disruptive changes. The digitalization changes the way, we work, learn or communicate. Environmental concerns dominate the public debate and demand for courageous action. Furthermore, decades after the fall of socialism, it seems to be fashionable again to question the goodness of free markets. Existing paradigms are questioned, and new paradigms change our daily live drastically.
On June 25, the fifth TEDxHHL conference will take place under the motto “The Paradigm Shift” and will investigate where prevalent assumptions change and how this impacts the way we live. In WERK2 in Leipzig, we will listen to several inspiring speakers and their innovative ideas. For example, Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will share her idea about ‘Resourceful Humans’ in the context of innovation. Moreover, UNICEF board member Dr. Johannes Meier will investigate the currency of Neo-Capitalism and blogger Laura Gehlhaar will share shifts in social inclusion of people with physical disabilities.
As HHL Alumni Association we are again proud supporters of this impactful conference and HHL’s enthusiastic student initiative behind it. We would be glad to welcome you at WERK2 to investigate the paradigm shift with us!

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