15 March 2022

The Future of Mentoring

Are you interested in mentoring current HHL students?
Reach out to the HHL student counselor, alumnus Justinus Christoph Pech (K2) at [] by March 15th.

The good thing in life is that everyday we learn something new. It gets even better when we help others to learn faster.

All of us we remember the years at HHL. As alumni, we didn't just get the full HHL experience, we've also collected exciting and unique career experiences since our time at HHL. Now's your chance to give something back to the community and think about becoming an HHLAA mentor.

Become a mentor of a current HHL student!

How does it work?
- Start: For the pilot cohort, starting in April, we'll be inviting up to 30 alumni to become the first mentors.The online kick-off session will take place shortly after Eastern.
- Duration: You should commit to a year-long mentoring relationship.
- Matching: We (the organizers) will match current students with alumni mentors.
- Organization: The students are responsible for organizing the (online) meetings with you as well as outlining the topics they want to focus on (i.e. career and job related issues).

Your investment:
- Time: Up to one (online) meeting every two months.
- Perspective: Support the students in navigating their next career steps.
- Commitment: This is your chance to give some of what you learned to the next generation, but it will only work if you stay committed and invested in the mentoring relationship.

How we'll support you:
- Online Kick-Off: At the start of the program we'll invite you to an online session about the HHLAA Mentorship Program
- Homecoming: We'll have a special event for you during the next homecoming

If you'd like to sign up, or if you have any questions, reach out to the HHL student counselor, alumnus Justinus Christoph Pech (K2) at [] by March 15th.