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5 May 2022, 7:45 pm
Stine Täubert
Schneider Bräuhaus
Tal 7
80331 München
+49 151 22051359

Dr. Maximilian Schreiter, Alumnus from the M.Sc. Program and now Assistant Professor at the Chair of Mergers & Acquisitions (of SME) and Alumna Stine Täubert, Program Consultant for the part-time M.Sc. program and herself founder of a craft beer bar in Leipzig are in Munich and thought it might be a good idea to catch up with HHL alumni in a relaxed environment of an traditional Brauhaus.

Schneider Bräuhaus
Where innovation is tradition! Did you know that the the first middle-class wheat beer was brewed around 150 years ago at Schneider Bräuhaus? With the acquired brewing license, Georg I. Schneider managed to build up one of the most renowned Munich breweries. Today, their beer creations are well recognized in the international craft beer scene and famous around the world.
There is also typical Bavarian cuisine. Their specialty: the authentic Munich Kronfleisch cuisine!
Preview for food and drinks:
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PS: Don’t worry if you are not into beer, there will delicious options for wine drinkers and a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

Please note that it might be that some potential HHL students will join the event as well. Also, if you have someone who might be interested in studying at HHL feel free to bring them along.


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