On December 07, the HHL Forum 2016 will take place in Leipzig and you are most welcome to already save the date in your calendar. Alumni will receive a special ticket price.

Being a business school in the German-speaking lands which is rooted in its long tradition but innovative at the same time, HHL feels a particularly strong responsibility to support active and future leaders. The aim of HHL is to show ways for better dealing with complex situations and initiating sustainable developments within companies and the society in these times of globalization, constant
technology-driven acceleration and growing disparities. Good leadership plays a special role in an era of
permanent change.

HHL wants to help to make better use of future opportunities while rebuilding the trust in economics which was lost during the financial crisis. Therefore, the school has pursued a path of intensive dialog between science, the economy and interested members of the public for several years now, aiming to challenge leadership theory and practice in light of the latest development and to lay the corner stones of a new Leipzig model for sustainable entrepreneurial leadership.

We would like to present our findings during this year‘s HHL Forum „Rethinking Leadership – The New Leipzig Leadership Model“ and enter into discussions with you, other outstanding speakers and guests.

We would cordially like to invite you to join us and to note the evening of December 06 for the HHL Forum Dinner and the full day of December 07, 2016, in your diaries. We will send out the invitations in October 2016. To find out more about the HHL Forum, please visit www.hhl.de/hhl-forum.

Program: http://www.hhl.de/en/service/events/hhl-forum/#3

The registration code for special alumni tickets is available when registering for the event on the alumni platform (in the secure area).


7. December 2016, 9:30 am
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Schmalenbach Building
Jahnallee 59, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
E-mail address: