Dear HHL Alumni,

every year, the HHL Alumni take the chance and meet up with their fellow alumni on the traditional HHL Alumni Homecoming in Leipzig.

Join us for this year's HHL Alumni Homecoming event, to which we would like to warmly invite you as HHL Alumni. The event is taking place on:

Friday, August 30, 2013 until Sunday, September 1, 2013 in Leipzig

The Homecoming Weekend is currently planned as follows:

First, we kick off the weekend with a cocktail reception on Friday evening. After a restful night, we invite you to the general assembly of the HHL community in the morning. Afterwards, the graduation ceremony of this year’s classes takes place. On Saturday evening, we will celebrate graduation and homecoming at the Homecoming Ball. The weekend is topped off with a brunch on Sunday morning.

Beginning with this year, we would like to introduce a new tradition and celebrate the yearly Homecoming together with the graduating students (and new alumni) as part of one combined Graduation and Homecoming event. The combination of both events does not only provide the fantastic opportunity to meet up with new and older alumni, but also to celebrate one great event with outstanding keynote speakers and a ceremonial ball.

As there will be only a limited amount of tickets for the Graduation and Homecoming Ball happening on August 31, 2013, please save the date and register already now via the following link in order to reserve your seat:

We especially invite the jubilee classes (K11, K12, K21, MSc1, M3, M8, P3), for which this weekend will be an unforgettable moment and a great opportunity to meet up again in Leipzig after 5 and 10 years, respectively. Therefore, we are pleased about a volunteer from each class who support the organizational matters of its jubilee.

All necessary information can be found on the HHL webpage: We look forward to a great Homecoming 2013 and seeing you all in Leipzig!

The HHL Alumni Association Board and HHL Alumni Officer


Diese Veranstaltung kann nur von Mitglieder besucht werden.

Als Mitglied anmelden Mitglied werden und dann teilnehmen


30. August 2013, 7:00 pm
Schmalenbach Building
Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig