After the very first meeting of HHL alumni with HHL's Executive Management in Shanghai last year was a complete success we are delighted to announce the next meeting which will take place in April.

On April 05, 2017 Raluca Modoiu and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwetzler will be in Shanghai and look forward to meeting up with HHL alumni on-site and also welcome future students who are already accepted at HHL and will start their studies in Leipzig in Fall 2017.

HHL alumnus Frederik Boesch (M6) is hosting the event and invites the HHL alumni, Raluca and Prof. Schwetzler to Rehau. He will present some company insights and also touches interesting points of “Heating Business in China: B2C approach in a traditional B2B industry”.

In addition, in the course of the event, Prof. Schwetzler is presenting interesting facts about "Unicorns and Muppets - Valuing Innovative Business Models".

Please feel most welcome to already save the date for April 05. We will keep you up to date about the event.


5. April 2017, 6:00 pm
Rehau, 1st & 3rd Floor, Building 1, #181
Lane 465, Zhenning Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China
E-mail address: