2 September 2022

The next open Batch will start on September 2, 2022

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About the program:
Proven concepts, structured guidance and tailored to early-stage startups.

The HHL DIGITAL SPACE provides a 12-week incubation program for early-stage founders. It includes structure where it is needed while at the same time offering enough room for creativity. It requires concentrated analytical and empirical work and contains many feedback loops from external and internal experts, focus groups, or customers.

How the program can help you:

Many startups develop great products or services. They put a lot of heart, soul, and energy into building structures, and manage to convince investors. Given the many challenges that a young company faces, it is important to invest enough time in the basis of every business model: the problem-solution fit.

Therefore, HHL DIGITAL SPACE's focus during the 12-weeks program is as simple as complex: find and evaluate a suitable problem-solution fit and develop a prototype.

HHL DIGITAL SPACE believes that this is the strong foundation on which to build start-ups sustainably.

Interested in joining? It's a match if you are...

  • A first-time founder.
  • In the idea phase of your startup.
  • A team of at least two people or willing to form your team soon.
  • Willing to come to Leipzig for HHL DIGITAL SPACE's most important events.

Want to grow with HHL DIGITAL SPACE?
The next open Batch will start on September 2, 2022.
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