17 June 2020, 6:30 pm

HHL reacts to current developments in society and economy. The Virtual HHL Expert Talk series addresses latest and key topics in its research and academic programs to a broad audience. The HHL Expert Talk offers an open and further education and know-how transfer to the whole HHL community and beyond. This also applies to the ongoing corona crisis. The current events in the series will discuss the pandemic and its impacts on society, economics, sports, and culture.

Ethics - a luxury?

Can you afford ethics in times of crisis? Despite the fact that the importance of (business) ethics is emphasized in public speeches, it is often actually perceived as a kind of luxury which is reserved for good times. Specifically in the context of business you can often hear that fierce competition, tight budgets, time pressure and more imply that there is no room for idealistic dreams.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek, holder of the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair of Economic and Business Ethics at Leipzig Graduate School of Management, discusses the role and function of (business) ethics. Can it offer helpful insights?

The talk will be held in English. **To register visit the following link:**